Case study A unique time lapse to fulfill the dreams of children of festival-goers with Trace


Challenge accepted!

Present at the festivals, the company specializing in recruitment, Trace was willing to offer an original animation as part of its summer field marketing strategy. The aim was to attract visitors to the booth, whose theme was “My Child’s Dream”, to increase the public’s sympathy for the brand.


Our way to make it real!

Our team came up with a fun and creative concept to capture the attention of festival-goers. First, a graffiti artist on the stand asked participants “What is your dream job? And, according to the answer, he drew elements related to this dream job around the person sitting in the foreground, all shot in time lapse. Wow effect guaranteed !

The CheeeseBOX time lapse consisted of making a video composed of several photos taken at different times, in order to give it a feeling of movement. Once the video was finished, it could be shared on social networks and / or sent to an email address.

Trace has definitely attracted festival-goers curious to get in the shot of the time lapse !

Cut, it’s in the box!

Through this photobooth and video animation, the company has been able to strengthen the bond that binds it to its existing public, but also to make known to young workers and business owners who may need its services in the future . A successful field marketing strategy !

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