This privacy policy applies to the collection, management and use of your personal data by Cheeesebox. It is valid for all our customers (current, past and future) and all visitors to our website. Here you will find our practices related to this data, the information we can collect and how we collect it, and the purposes for which we can use it. This document also shows how you can view your data, create and edit or delete.


What data do we collect?

By personal data we mean data that identifies you as a person. The personal data that Cheeesebox collects primarily concern the data that you encode yourself via the pages of our website, and that we receive because of your use of our site and / or our products and / or our services . You will find more information on the collection of data via our website in our cookie policy. It is also data that you transmit to us via other channels (telephone, forms-answers, contractual documents and others). Finally, we also collect data via external channels such as address managers, in order to meet new audiences. When we make contact with these people, they then have the opportunity to check their data, improve, update or prohibit their use.


Why and how do we collect these data?

We use your personal data first and foremost for the monitoring and settlement of your contacts and agreements with Cheeesebox. We may also use your data to inform you about our (new) products, services and special actions that we think may be of interest to you. All the data we collect can be combined so that our products, services and special actions better match your personal needs. We may also use your personal data to track, evaluate and improve our products, services and special actions, including as part of general or specific market research. Finally, we can also use your data for statistical purposes. All data are not always treated with the same goals. For example, some data is kept for billing purposes only and for delivery of the requested service, while others are used to analyze and improve the use of our website.

You are always free to refuse to transmit your personal data. We always clearly inform you beforehand why you are giving us your data. We keep your data strictly and conscientiously, and only for the time necessary for the stated purpose, given our needs to answer questions and solve problems, improve services and propose new ones, and comply with legal requirements. This means that we may keep your personal data for a reasonable period of time after your last interaction with Cheeesebox. When personal data are no longer needed, we destroy or delete them in a secure way. If you receive e-mails because you have registered, for example in the case of digital newsletters, you continue to receive them until you unsubscribe.

While processing the data, we make sure that at all times we maintain a level of security which, given the available technology, is sufficient to prevent any unauthorized access to, modification, disclosure or loss of personal data. These are both technical and organizational measures (such as data encryption, control of access to our infrastructures, the limited number of our employees having access to data, etc.).


What are your rights?

You also have a series of rights related to this data. Thus, you have a right to access, rectify and delete information about you. You can also object to your personal data being combined into a certain profile. Finally, you can ask us to transmit to you digitally the data concerning you and which we have. To exercise these rights, you must send a written request to Cheeesebox, via our general contact details, in which you will clearly indicate what you want to know, correct, delete or receive. If you do not wish to receive a newsletter or information about our products and services, you can unsubscribe at any time without motivation or fees. You can do this by contacting us via our general contact information or by clicking on the unsubscribe link in our promotional letters or e-newsletters.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to bring you clarity and transparency. However, if you still have questions about the way we process your personal data, do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer, Amaury de Broux – – +32 2 881 09 72.


Managing your data

Your personal data is collected and managed by Cheeesebox, platform at Montenegro Street 101A, 1190 Forest. At Cheeesebox, the data is accessible only to those responsible who must have access according to their tasks. Your data can also be collected and processed by our subcontractors. These are companies that, at our request, manage or host our databases and our website. These only have access to personal data which is strictly necessary for the performance of their tasks. You can get a list of these subcontractors on request.


Assignment to third parties

At no time do we sell or rent your data to organizations, companies or outsiders. We consider your personal data as confidential information. During some initiatives, we offer you, on registration, the opportunity to be kept informed of the activities of one or more external partners of the project concerned. In such a case, you must give your explicit consent.

We also use an external subcontractor for a series of initiatives. This external subcontractor then manages a database that is linked to the Cheeesebox database. The subcontractor undertakes to treat the data confidentially and securely, in accordance with this policy. These provisions are always stipulated by contract with our subcontractors. In this way, a subcontractor will never, on his own initiative, make use of your personal data, and your data will have to be deleted once his mission is complete.

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