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Based on your DNA and your goals, CheeeseBOX creates a custom made event solution that acts as a real marketing tool.

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In the era of customer experience, a strong brand is a brand close to its audience. To differentiate themselves, today’s companies offer more than just a product or service. They must reinvent their way of communicating by offering their customers sincere, surprising and engaging experiences. Our mission is clear: use photo and video technology to connect your customers to your brand and give them an authentic experience that reflects your values. More than creating emotions, our solutions collect reusable data for marketing purposes and to boost your visibility.

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    Rue des Anciens Etangs 40 – 1190 Bruxelles
    T : +32 2 881 09 72

    Point de retrait (partenaires) : Bruxelles – Liège – Namur – Charleroi – Malines – Pont-à-Celles – Wagnelée

    Nord : Cheeesebox France chez Martin Prod, ZI de l’Aerodrome Ouest, Rue Louis Duvant, 59316 Rouvignies
    : +33 3 74 95 04 15

    Sud : Cheeesebox France, 77 Route du Plan de la Tour, 83120 Sainte-Maxime

    T : +33 4 94 81 34 34


    2327 Rue Montgomery , Montréal, QC H2K 2S2, Canada.
    T : (438) 227-6040

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