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An event without CheeeseBOX is like a new year without champagne ! So, for all your private parties, think about our photo booths and share unique moments with your guests.

Looking for an original idea for your wedding, birthday, EVJF / EVG, prom, Halloween party, EVG, EVJF, New Year’s ball, Bar Mitzvah, Baby shower? With CheeeseBOX, enjoy a personalized photobooth that will leave all your guests an unforgettable memory.

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The modern solution

The CheeeseBOX Mini

The classic

Our CheeeseBOX Mini is as easy to transport as it is to install. This mini photo terminal (200 cm high and 56 cm wide) promises a high-resolution rendering thanks to its high quality studio flash and reflex camera. Customisation of photos, sharing by email and on social networks, printing in 10 sec, projection on HD screen above or at the back of the BOX … Our Mini is everything (or almost) and accompanies you everywhere.

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Découvrez tous nos photobooth

The Vintage
Photocombi VW

Do you dream of immersing yourself in the time of May ’68 when you identify yourself with a Californian hippie surfer with a relaxed mood? Our 70s VolksWagen fully renovated van immerse you in this cool and retro atmosphere ! Share a relaxed experience with our CheeeseBOX mini in the cockpit and choose the world of your choice with our personalized green funds.

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The perfect duo
Pro & BOX Photographer

Combine the “Cheeese” effect of the video and photo animation of an interactive idea  with the expertise of professional photographers and videographers so you do not miss anything! With this all-in formula, we fully cover your private party and offer you HD image editing.

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The brightest
Flashletters, set the scene!

Dare to be original thanks to our personalized wooden light letters! Other than their noticeable size and working with LED lights, they will bring the aesthetic and design touch to your event. Wow effect guaranteed ! Used alone, in pairs or in words, our flashletters are available for rent or for sale.

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Online Photo Gallery

Whatever your event, we propose you to upload your High Definition photos / videos in our Cheeese gallery or on the website of your choice. Do you want to edit your HD photos? No problem, our team of image specialists will take care of everything.

In our galleries, not only will you be able to find your CheeeseBOX photos and videos, but also all your other visual contents! Whether you are an organizer, participant or photographer, you can load all the photo and video files in just a few clicks into an album specifically dedicated to your event. Our gallery becomes a real central and unique platform for storing your images !



Want your event unlike any other? We customize the template and outline of your photos to the colors of your party or we create interactive animations adapted. Keep an unalterable memory of your event by printing your custom photos instantly in the format of your choice: 5x15cm, 10x15cm, 13x18cm or 15x20cm. With our classic photostrip format, a strip of 3 photos, you should try crazy postures. The style of our photo kiosks is 100% customizable to fit perfectly into your event!

For all our services, we praise the originality, the Cheeese effect but especially the quality, why we design for you a unique template, that’s the CheeeseBOX philosophy!

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Photobooth accessories

Do not be afraid of weirdness! A little hat here, fake giant glasses over there … Our original photobooth accessories add an even more dynamic touch to your photos. Thanks to the accessories option, you are sure to share an intense and emotionally rich CheeeseBOX experience.


24-hour support and customer service

Enjoy the CheeeseBOX experience, without worrying about the rest! We remotely manage the photo terminals and carry out real-time monitoring 24 hours a day. Would you like to know more about our product? We are reachable any time by phone. Do you prefer physical assistance? We can go there to help you. Always available and listening, the CheeeseBOX team is at your disposal if needed.


Studio photo & Chroma key

If you want a result worthy of a real pro shooting, it is possible to add a photo studio background structure (white or custom tarpaulin) and two flashes on both sides of the CheeeseBOX Mini to benefit from perfect lighting.

Do you want to take your guests to another world or decor? The Chroma Key is used along a  green screen background, as the environment, which plunges them into a unique interactive experience! Our green screen solution integrates your friends into film sets, unusual landscapes or among celebrities … The possibilities are endless.


On site or to take away ?

Do you want support from A to Z ? From delivery to the disassembly of the photobooth, one of our technicians will come on the spot and take care of everything so that you can fully enjoy your event.

While ensuring optimal quality, the installation of our photo booth is done in 30 minutes and requires no technical expertise, thanks to its plug n play system. Take our BOX to one of our withdrawal points and activate it completely autonomously while benefiting from remote control. Our services are available in our offices in Brussels, Namur, Liège, Valenciennes, Marseille, Bordeaux and Montreal.

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